Mini-track proposals are due by October 18, and will be submitted through the PCS system. Click here for instructions.

We invite the submission of mini-track proposals to AMCIS 2020, which will be held on August 12-16, 2020 in Salt Lake City, UT, USA!
If you are interested in submitting a mini-track proposal, please notice the following important information:

Mini-tracks will be managed under tracks. Visit the descriptions of AMCIS 2020 tracks ( and identify a related track for your submission.

Each mini-track should have 1-5 mini-track chairs (2-3 preferred).

An individual can chair at most two mini-tracks. An individual must hold only one role within a track. A person should not be both a track chair and mini-track chair within the same track.

Mini-track proposals are due by October 18, and will be submitted through the PCS systemClick here for instructions.

If accepted, mini-track chairs are expected to:

    • Promote their mini-track to generate manuscript submissions to the conference
    • Solicit and assign reviewers for manuscripts submitted to the mini-track
    • Provide a summary report to authors based on reviews
    • Make recommendations to track chairs about each manuscript submitted to the mini-track
    • Nominate best papers and reviewers

AMCIS 2020 Tentative Timeline:
September 19, 2019: PCS opens for mini-track proposals
October 18, 2019: Mini-track proposals due
October 24, 2019: Track chairs make recommendations on mini-tracks
October 29, 2019: Mini-track decisions announced
January 2020: System opens for general paper submissions
March 26 2020: Reviews due
April 7 2020: Mini-track chair recommendations are due